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  1. Andyrockets

    04/26/2011 at 5:53 am

    You can fight back with tools like eavesdrop and firesheep. This will give you images, passwords and web pages of what they download on unsecure networks.

    However, even if the network has a password it still can be hacked. Stay away from WEP as this just takes time to hack and always use WPA and WPA2.

    Do not use common words in the dictionary as these can be hacked as well. If you have a DLink or Thomson router change your default SSID. Simply putting a password on a network as the advice given in the continue reading gives people a false security:

    Hack or Recover Telstra Bigpond / British Telecom Thomson Wireless WiFi Networks:
    Long Range WiFi Hacking (How To, Equipment, Setup & Drivers):
    iPhone Wifi Hacking Apps [Cydia]:
    Hacking WiFi with Default Passwords:


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