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Innovations in Tablet PC Software



Yesterday, I wrote a 5 year anniversary piece on the state of Tablet PC software. What I, and many others for that matter, would like to know is: how would you like to see the state of software improved.

Here are some idea starters:

  • Andrew, from the U.K., left a comment regarding MindJet’s MindManager. While the product has kept Tablet PC features as core functionality, they have only given a few minor improvements over the years. Several years ago, they added the ability ink notes for a given topic. One of my big pet peeves, however, is the missing ability to search those inked notes despite numerous requests from me to do so. It never makes it up the priority list. Andrew has other comments on how the Tablet PC features could be improved upon in MindManager.
  • Custom navigation schemes tailored to a Tablet PC.
  • Intelligent syncing
  • Inking support in Google Gmail, Calendar, etc.
  • Inking on the web: what ideas do you have there that make logical sense?
  • What about scenarios for the end to end experience of living mobile?
  • What about built-in TIP support in FireFox and Opera for goodness sakes. Why, after five years, do new Tablet PC users have to hunt down an add-in for something Internet Explorer supports natively. I know the reasons behind it, but surely Microsoft could add in the FireFox and Opera address line bar as field types to recognize.
  • Along those lines, when can we get Adobe off their behind and support native ink? Head over there to send your feature request in to Adobe.
  • What about Vista OS improvements? Where can Microsoft improvement the experience for us mobile users and those who love to use pen?

Those are just some ideas to get everyone started. I’ve got many, many more, but want to see what the Tablet PC community comes up with first before posting all of mine.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Philip Seyfi

    11/14/2008 at 3:36 pm

    I know it’s an old post, but to everyone reading this:

    Opera now supports TIP!!!

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