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InPlay Technologies Speaks Up On Microsoft Tablet PC Marketing



People are definitely letting their voices be heard with regards to Microsoft and Tablet PC marketing, this time coming from Steve Hanson, CEO of InPlay Technologies, makers of tablet pc capacitive touch technologies:

I too am frustrated. The potential short term advancements in pen technology could and should revolutionize writing and use of the pen to replace the mouse and key board. I can tell you first hand that the cost of tablet pen implementation is less that $30 today.
Remember when you could not buy a cell phone with a camera? Now it is difficlut to buy one without a camera. The pen in a tablet solution should move down the same path. If every PC incorporated the technology at a $30 (or less) price tag and no predatory mark up by the OEM, we would see the momentum increase for Tablet. That being said, Microsoft needs to backup their beliefs with a firm commitment to the technology providers such that the cost, performance and ease of implementation progress rapidly. Microsoft is a black hole when it comes to stepping up to shape the industry.

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