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Android Users Can Get Some of Samsung Galaxy S4’s Input Experience Now



Android Users don’t have to wait to test the Samsung Galaxy S4’s new handwriting technology –they can experience it right now by downloading the MyScripts Handwriting Calculator application from the Google Play Store.

MyScript, a handwriting technology developed by French software company Vision Objects is shipping with the Samsung Galaxy S4. This move brings the same handwriting recognition from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s handwriting input screen to Samsung’s new flagship phone, standardizing what is widely believed to be a high point in handwriting recognition in the smartphone market.

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myscripts handwritting calculator

MyScripts Handwritting Calculator for Android

As for the calculator app in which you can currently test this technology in, it’s available for free and includes every feature one would think a calculator with handwriting recognition would. This laundry list includes some truly impressive things like the ability to have the app convert handwritten symbols and text to their digital counterparts, and the ability to create formulas and expressions without ever having to launch Android’s native keyboard and hunt around for symbols users don’t regularly use. The software can also autocorrect any text input, saving users the trouble of having to erase entire words and rewrite them simply because you missed a letter at the end of a word already in the application’s default dictionary.

Currently, MyScript supports the Cyrillic, Arabic, and English and can also decipher lines, circles, parallelograms, and other shapes.

Though the MyScript’s handwriting calculator is only available on Android devices, the underlying technology is available on other platforms. Versions of its handwriting recognition software are available for Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Linux, and Symbian – there’s currently no version on Windows Phone, but those still carrying a Windows Mobile device can still get in on the action.

App developers can license the technology for inclusion in their own applications as well using the company’s software development kit.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was introduced Thursday evening at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The Galaxy S4 features a larger display than its predecessor, yet it is thinner and lighter. Samsung’s new Android phone will launch at the end of April in some markets, though U.S. carriers have yet to announce release dates. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S Cellular and Verizon have all announced that they will carry the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Stefan S.

    04/22/2013 at 1:20 am

    I am a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I held off in doing the upgrade to the S4. I am really hoping that I can get some of the upgrades available on my device as it has been rumored. Anyhow, that is one sweet equation and algebra editor? How do I install that keyboard input script into my S3? I teach math part time and I answer a lot of student emails on the go, however I hate that I am not able to write complicated equations on an email. This would solve all of my problems!

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