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Inside Creating an Invention: PowerSquid



powersquidI’ve really enjoyed this six part series called The Song of the PowerSquid: The Inside Story of the Life of an Invention on CrunchGear. The link above has the first five parts and here is the link to part 6.

Here’s the preamble to give you a taste:

Hello, my name is Christopher Hawker. I am a professional inventor, specializing in innovative consumer products. My company is called Trident Design, LLC. I have developed many products in numerous industries and have over 20 products on the market. My most famous invention is the PowerSquid, a cephalopod-inspired power strip with outlets situated at the end of short cords, thereby eliminating the problem of losing outlets to bulky transformer plugs. John Biggs, editor-in-chief of this blog, has asked me to write the story of the birth of the PowerSquid and its development and journey to market. This is the Song of the PowerSquid.

I’d love to see more long form writing like this in tech coverage, as it highlights and extends information that we don’t get from the fast and furious world of the immediate that is the current norm. Granted it is written by the inventor, but I think the insights more than make up for what might be perceived as a lack of objectivity or self-serving purpose. Here’s hoping we do see more of this.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. loyukfai

    07/29/2009 at 9:52 am

    It’s an interesting read. Thanks!

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