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Insight into HP’s Decision To Use The VIA Chip for the Mini-Note



Hp2133mininoteCrave is running an interesting piece that offers some insight (some clear, some that raises more questions) on HP’s decision to use the VIA C7–M chipset for the new HP 2133 Mini-Note. The quote from notebook product marketing manager Robert Baker is this:

Via gave us that right mix of performance and price for the type of environment that this product is going into–content consumption. Their power (efficiency) is where we needed it to be for this platform. Web surfing, creating Power Points

In my testing the VIA chipset performed ok, not great. But for what this device is intended to do, I think it will suffice for most uers needs. Other reviewers have disagreed on this point and found it woefully lacking in benchmark tests. But running traditional benchmark tests on these new smaller devices with different chipsets is not going to yield any real results in my opinion. The usage scenarios and chipset differences are just too dissimilar compared to the day when things moved along in a somewhat more orderly fashion.

HP also says they will be looking at other chip solutions in the future, notably Intel’s Atom and VIA’s Isaiah when it is time for a refresh. They are saying the next refresh will be about six months from now and they’ll consider their options at that time.

This brings up the issue of timing, and it makes me suspect that things are moving so fast and furiously that it is almost impossible for an OEM to make a decision today, when you know everything will change tomorrow. I can’t imagine it is easy.

Check out the GBM InkShow reviews (here and here) on the HP 2133 Mini-Note.

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