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Instagram Alternative: Your Photos Are Yours on Streamzoo



If you’re looking for an Instagram alternative after finding out the photo sharing site can use your Instagram photos in ads without your permission or without payment for using your photos, you’re not alone.

Photo filter apps are a dime a dozen these days, but one of the best Instagram alternatives is Streamzoo. Even better, you can export instagram photos and bring them to the new service.

Streamzoo is a free photo sharing community with iPhone and Android apps that make it easy to take and share photos with other users, complete with filters like Instagram users are familiar with.

Streamzoo is a great Instagram alternative, one we recommended before Instagram came to Android, and best of all the company is crystal clear on who owns your photos in their terms of service.

All rights of uploaded content by our users remain the property of our users and those rights can in no means be sold or used in a commercial way by Company or affiliated third party partners without consent from the user.

For Instagram users who are just hearing about this issue, Instagram’s terms of service allow the company to use your photos in ads without paying you. This may not matter to Instagram users taking photos of pot roast sandwiches and puppies, but it’s a bigger deal for some. Anderson Cooper is looking for an Instagram alternative. Wil Wheaton isn’t an Instagram users, but he outlines why this is a problem for celebs big and small.

Instagram users were similarly upset when Facebook bought Instagram earlier this year, but it isn’t clear how many left the service in the wake of the Facebook purchase.

Streamzoo offers a large collection of photo filters and focus effects to transform photos for social sharing. Users can share their photos on Streamzoo and on social networks like Facebook and Twitter easily. Here are a sample of Streamzoo photos from Gotta Be Mobile’s review.

Instagram alternative Streamzoo Samples

Sample of Instagram alternative Streamzoo photos.

The Streamzoo app includes 20 filters, 15 borders and a variety of crop shapes. The app also includes effects that change the focus of a photo to direct viewer’s eyes to specific parts of the photo.

Users looking to ditch Instagram can quit Instagram and export photos and download Streamzoo for Android and iPhone. It’s possible to upload photos to Streamzoo online, so you can bring your Instagram photos with you.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. [email protected]

    12/18/2012 at 10:21 pm

    Another app well worth considering is PicsArt. It’s the #1 photo app on Android (the company says they are about to launch on iPhone, too). It’s free, massivley full-featured, and has a growing social network. Worth checking out.

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