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Instagram for Android Updated Again, Now Supports HTC One X



Instagram came to the Android platform just over one week ago, and it’s already on its third update. This newest update fixes problems on Tegra 3 devices, and adds support for HTC’s newest flagship device.

According to The Verge, after a week of waiting, HTC One X users can finally use Instagram to share photos. The camera is one of HTC’s big selling points for the device, so it’s nice that the phone can finally use the popular photo sharing service.

Thankfully Instagram added support for the phone before its US release, whenever that is. Hopefully this update will also mean the HTC EVO 4G LTE will work with Instagram at launch.Instagram for Android

The new Instagram for Android update also makes the app work better on other Tegra 3 phones. The international version of the One X is a Tegra 3 device, but not all Tegra 3 devices were unable to take photos. This update makes the app more stable on those other devices that do use the Tegra 3 CPU.

Other fixes include one for tablet users, and an issue that made gallery photos not appear in the app.

Instagram is getting these updates out very quickly, this is the third major update since the Android app launched. It’s also the first update since the Facebook acquisition.

With support like this, and the huge install base the service already had on iOS, it’s easy to see why Facebook paid $1 billion for the company and users downloaded the app from Google Play over 5 million times. It’s still just hard to believe that all that happened in just one week.


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