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Instant on Internet on the Toshiba Portege R400.



Well, Splotch, my wife and I just arrived in Seattle for the Microsoft MVP Summit, and am right now sitting on a bus to our downtown hotel.

“Whoopie”, you say.  Yeah, I know.  So someone is sitting on a bus posting, no big deal nowadays with aircards, etc.  The difference here is that I am doing it on a Toshiba Portege R400 running Vista, with builtin EVDO with Verizon service, and it is working really well. I have a Verizon Aircard I use a lot with my Lenoxo X60, and I like it.  But I cannot tell you how nice it was to take this machine out of my bag, put it in my lap and see the message just say, “Connected to EVDO Network”.  I did like nothing to get online, and the machine booted and jumped on really quickly.

So for me anyway, this is my first taste of the whole instant on internet experience, at least at this seamless level.  Still waiting on that to be available from Lenovo.

Well, more later on this.  Gonna meet up with Rob here soon.  Always a fun time, and I am sure we will come up with some content for you folks over the next few days.

Will someone please invent a UMPC that is Splotch sized?  Splotch wants to check his email, and is MAJOR jealous!  :)  Now he’s gonna whine all week….

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