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CES 2013

Intel Shows Off the First Ultrabook Convertible You’ll Buy (Video)



The Intel 4th generation Core i processors take the battery and form factor boundaries pushed by today’s Intel Core i3 ULV processors at CES and push through to longer lasting notebook/tablet hybrids with better performance and new designs.

The Intel Core i 4th generation processors will arrive in notebooks by the end of 2013 with retail prices expected at $599, including touch displays, a new requirement for any Ultrabook running the 4th gen processor.

Intel demoed a Haswell powered Ultrabook Detachable with a 4th generation Intel Core i processor capable of playing a graphically demanding driving game when detached from the keyboard  Intel claims this tablet is capable of 13 hour battery life so users can leave their charging cords at home.

The Intel reference unit shown above places the Intel processor behind the display, so users can take the display on the go for gaming and usage on the go. The reference unit shows what partners like Acer, Lenovo and Dell could do with the 4th generation Intel Core i processors later this year.

The reference unit weighs 850 grams, packs in an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 4th generation processor and measures 10mm thick. Intel claims the tablet portion is capable of delivering 10 hours of battery life. Users can use a single finger release to detach the keyboard from the tablet.

Intel Core i 4th Gen Demo

Intel shows off a reference design using the Intel Core i 4th generation processor.

One of the coolest features shown off on this demo unit uses Intel’s integrated graphics is Smart Frame. This feature pushes display from an 11.6-inch screen to a 13.3-inch display while in tablet mode for a more immersive gaming experience.

Intel is asking more from manufactures that plan to use the new 4th generation Intel Core i processors, requiring touch displays on all Ultrabooks and pushing for a $599 starting price for touch-enabled Ultrabooks. Intel Wireless Display is now mandatory, which will allow users to wirelessly stream to WiDi receivers, but Intel didn’t announce plans to push partners to include WiDi receivers in TVs.

Intel 4th gen core i reference

The Intel Core i 4th generation reference design goes from notebook to table with a one touch release.

Intel is also focusing on security, including facial recognition software and voice control for the Ultrabooks which should arrive later this year. Unlike touch and WiDI, Intel isn’t making voice control mandatory.

Expect to see Ultrabooks running the new processors later this year.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. akgk171

    02/12/2013 at 8:29 am

    So it’s basically a tweaked Envy X2 with a much better CPU.

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