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Intel and IBM Chips Promise New Advances



We’ve had some interesting news in the ever evolving development of processors lately. HP dropped news recently, and Intel has just announced that they have made the most significant changes since the beginning of the microchip. Not to be outdone, IBM(who has been working with AMD), made a similar announcment, in what looks like a new race to get newer chips into the market. (Intel says later this year, IBM early 2008.)

Currently chips are manufactured in a 90 nanometer range. The new advances take halve that to 45 nanometers. Molecular techonology is at the root of the advance and it all has to do with insulators that offer less of an electricity leak.

What does that mean for the average user? An example I’ve seen (New York Times) include playing a full length video on a cell phone. One executive is quoted as saying that it is the “difference between can openers and Ferrari’s.” Interesting metaphor there, but if the advance reduces heat then we are on to something.

Robert Scoble has some more interesting coverage, including a video tour of the factory where Intel is working on this here. Side Note: Scoble touched off a blogosphere brouhaha by claiming Engadget and Gizmodo don’t link to other sources. He’s since backed off a bit after a wave of criticism.

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