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Intel checks into the hospital



Coverage of the Motion Computing C5 Clinical Assistant continues…

As a follow up to Rob’s post announcing the demo date by Intel and Motion Computing for the C5, cNet and offer continuing coverage. 

Having observed first hand the lack of portable technology in the area of care delivery in many hospitals, I believe the Intel Digital Health group and the Motion Computing C5 could be the turning point for bringing affordable, portable real-time digital health care to fruition. Think about it, the most advanced technology most of us see today in use by care givers is a digital thermometer, right? Wouldn’t it be great if the next time you were in a hospital or your doctors office, your caregiver could have all your information at their fingertips rather than fumbling through the old paper stack?

From cNet News:

“Intel CEO Paul Otellini addresses reporters at a San Francisco launch event Tuesday for Motion Computing’s new C5 medical assistant tablet PC, which is based on Intel’s technology. One of Otellini’s first acts as he prepared to take over the CEO reins from current Chairman Craig Barrett was to reorganize Intel into five new operating groups, including the Digital Health group. That division helped create the C5 after conducting extensive research into medical technology, he said.”



 via: Tom Krazit/CNET


And from eWeek:

“…The new tablet PC, according to the joint announcement, was developed during two years of trials at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco. The new tablet was also tested at other hospitals in Singapore, the United Kingdom and California.”

via: Scott Ferguson/

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