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Intel Classmate to Offer Touch Features



Classmatev3Steve “Chippy” Paine picked up some news from the IDF (Intel Developer’s Forum) that the 3rd generation of Intel’s Classmate PC, due in late 2008, will offer touch capabilities. Running Intel’s Atom platform, we’re looking at prices in the $300–$450 range.

I’m curious how the evolution of these ultra-portables seems to be occuring. First they are released without touch capabilities, then we quickly hear about the possible addition of touch to the mix. I’m sure it is a cost factor in the rush to take on Asus’ first-out-of-the-chute market share, but I find it intriguing nonetheless. I wonder what would happen if an OEM came out with a first-gen touch ultra-portable?

Or is that a ULCPC?



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