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Intel getting the praises for Linux


on has a good article on Intel embracing Linux in its move to Mobile Internet Devices. Personally speaking, I think this is a good thing all the way around, and solidifies the UMPC as a device for the future. Regardless of the OS, the consumer is going to be the winner in this whole deal. I’m really excited about getting my hands on some of these new MID devices. With the time I’ve spent with the Nokia N800, I’m seeing pluses all around.

There is a good comment from Gartner on this UMPC / MID shift that definitely needs highlighting:

“Although the consumer is unlikely to care what OS is running on the mobile internet device, the device cannot succeed without attracting a development community to create a robust platform at an affordable price point.”

I couldn’t agree more. As we’ve seen in the UMPC area, it is definitely a challenge, but is doable with the right form factor and a creative, energetic developer community. Linux is not for the faint of heart, and developers have got to learn how to make it easier to install applications in a simple one click fashion. Installing apps on a Nokia N800 and other Linux devices is not a walk in the park. For these devices to take off, it has to be.

As Warner, Dennis, and Hugo talked about in yesterday’s podcast, I think Microsoft is still going to be a winner in all of this, as folks decide they want to do more with their MID, and ultimately decide to go to a UMPC. I’m looking forward to seeing all the software solutions that come for these new devices and trying a few out for myself.

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