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Intel Kinda Sorta Talking About MIDs



Yesterday I asked the question Where are the MIDs? Today via UMPCPortal we’re seeing that Intel is kinda, sorta talking about MIDs at Computex on their Chip Shots blog. I don’t think there is any real info there beyond the typical “things are going according to plan.”

On another front, Kevin Tofel is pointing to an InfoWorld article that says Intel is waiting for a hit product to get the MID Market rolling. Are we talking chickens and eggs here? That’s how I read that article.

Confusing? You betcha. I still maintain that due to the apparent surprising success with the ultra-net-mini-low-cost-portable line of mobile devices and Intel’s long term roadmap for the MID platform that we are looking at 2008 before we see MIDs on the market with any significant impact. Especially if the InfoWorld headline is to be believed.



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