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Intel not just serious about tablets but “dedicated”



Intel Vice President Mooly Eden, who previously answered positively to a question about whether Intel was serious about tablets, answered a new question from our friend Chippy at Carrypad about their new ultra-thin solutions in tablets. The keyword this time is “dedicated”.

Hop over to Carrypad to listen to the full quote, but the main point Eden gets across is that the ultra-thin solutions Intel presented today may not be thin enough for tablets and that “dedicated silicon” may be necessary. Okay Eden, I know I gave you a rough time earlier about not being serious about tablets, despite supplying processors for tablets for years. But I must admit a tablet-specific system would take your commitment up a notch. However, I am a little distressed by the non-committal language you used. I can support you on the idea, but I get the sense you’re not quite dedicated to the idea of dedicated silicon yet.

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