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Intel Recruits Flume to Create Its Own Tablet Powered Music Video



Over the years, technology companies have found a lot of different ways to build brand awareness, but Intel’s new “Intelligent Sounds” may top them all. The video doesn’t just include a song made by an up-and-coming performer with independent music credibility. The entire track is performed by different tablets with  Intel processors.

The video begins with a lone tablet-faced robot rolling into an empty warehouse on his own accord. After arriving at sort-of lectern with tablets surrounding it, the robot then begins to press a few notes on one of the tablets in front of it.

It’s at that point that the robot begins supplementing the tone it’s playing with drums and other notes. All of those are provided by robots of varying sizes that use Intel processors too. According to a press release detailing how the company and Flume, the recording artist who wrote the song, were able to pull it off, the production team had each member of the band playing instruments and were pre-programmed along with each robotic arm. The song’s conductor, Felix, was programmed to listen for different tones so that it could listen for and trigger elements in the show at just the right time.

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intel processors

According to a special behind the scenes video detailing how the team of software and hardware engineers managed to pull off the feat, it took 12 weeks to produce the 3-minute video and required over 2000 hours of development. All told, the spectacle involved over 60 Intel tablets.

Intel says that the entire video was meant to make users think critically about the types of things they can create with Intel processors in tablets. The behind the scenes video makes it clear that performance wouldn’t have been nearly as easy if the production crew used tablets that weren’t as robust and battery-efficient as tablets with Intel processors.

Intel is keen to showcase those attributes because they aren’t typically things users think about when they hear the words ‘Intel’ and ‘Tablet’ in a sentence. Typically, products with Intel processors have less battery life than the machines with ARM processors. It’s ARM processors that power tablets, like the iPad.

That’s something Intel will have to change if it plans on convincing more users to buy tablets with its processors. While Dell and other computer manufacturers created Windows tablets with ARM processors last year, many have shifted to Intel based tablets to give users more app compatibility and processor power.

Users who like the song can download it for free from Soundcloud.

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