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Intel releases more UMPC (Origami?) info!



Well, Intel has released more information at IDF and on their website on UMPC. This is pretty much the biggest source of verifiable info on UMPC I have seen yet, and has links to a PDF file as well. Be SURE and check out the videos on the right side links as well! Here is a blurb from the page:

“The Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) category offers consumers small, ultra-mobile devices with full PC capabilities, uncompromised Internet access, anytime connectivity, and the ability to recognize and adapt to its environment virtually anytime and anywhere.”

Here are some of the “Advantages” they are stating of UMPC’s

  • Full PC and Internet Capabilities Full PC capability based on Intel Architecture and full-featured mainstream OSs, allowing consumers to run familiar applications.
    • Uncompromised Internet access to favorite websites to read news, download videos, search for friends and more.
    • New ways to interact with and navigate information using the UMPC.
  • Location Adaptability Personalized information and services based on location.
    • Environment recognition and adaptability.
    • Interaction with devices in living room or car.
  • Anytime Connectivity Connectivity in a variety of ways via WPAN, WLAN, or WWAN.
    • Always reachable via email, IM, chat, or VoIP.
    • Always informed with the latest news to make educated business decisions and to stay in touch.
  • Ultra Mobility Small, thin and light platform design.
    • Long battery life to extend productivity..
    • Instant access to content and information

Lots of info on this page, including usage models and more images. Go check it out!

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