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Intel to unveil Linux based UMPCs next week


on has some great info, both here and here, on what to Midexpect next week from Intel. What piqued my interest was the Linux based consumer focused UMPC, called a MID ( Mobile Internet Device ). Here is a screen shot, courtesy of, of the differences between a MID and the UMPC. In addition, here is a link to a PDF ( again, courtesy of outlining much more. 18 second boot times – very cool!

What I find interesting is the UMPC has always been targeted to be a consumer device, what Microsoft coined as a companion device that a person wouldn’t want to leave behind. With Intel introducing the MID with a Linux operating system, does that bring the price point in line to the $500 range and really address the companion device target? Is Intel announcing to the public that Windows running on a UMPC is not consumer friendly?

With the success of the Pepper Pad and the Nokia N800, it certainly appears that Intel is recognizing some opportunities and UI challenges faced with a Windows based solution. In any regards, it will be interesting to watch what happens in the market place.




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