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Intel wants a keyboard on your UMPC!



UMPC News is reporting that Intel has applied for a patent on keyboards for Ultra-Mobile PC’s. Makes sense to me! I confess — as a Tablet PC user and evangelist for several years now, I do not see the fascination with being be to be “totally” keyboardless. Yes, I like having a slate only option, but mostly due to weight savings. But I still want my keyboard there when I need it. When I get a UMPC, I will enjoy the small size, touchscreen, stylus, etc., but a keyboard would be great when I need it! Here is some of what UMPC News had to say:

“As you may remember in all the buzz leading to the launch of UMPC/Origami, Intel was one of the main promoters of the new PC form factor. It even announced the UMPC devices a day before the official Microsoft Origami launch. However it appears that in Intel’s view UMPC devices has one key difference from the Microsft design – keyboard.

Most of the Origami devices launched so far stress keyboardless touchscreen and Touchpack software as a user input interface. However if you look at the Intel’s concept design on they UMPC site, you can see that there is a keyboard present on it. During his presentation of UMPC during Intel Developer Forum, Sean Maloney, Intel’s Mobility VP also mentioned that in the next few years we will see different form factors of UMPC devices with ” keyboards that swivel out, keyboards that clamshell open “, etc.

Well, now we can see that Intel is really serious about finding a way to put a keyboard on the UMPC. In the patent application submitted on April 06th it describes a “Portable computer system with rechargeable keyboard”.

Read the entire UMPC News story here. Nice find guys….

According to them, the patent was applied for on April 6th, so let’s see where this goes!

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