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Intel Announces Convertible Classmate Design, Adult Classmate Coming Soon




I am live at Intel’s press conference announcing new Classmate PC designs, showcasing the vendors bring the Classmate reference design to market. More after the break.

Breaking Sierra was speaking with an Intel rep and they told her to expect an announcement on a similar product to the Classmate PC for adults


  • Announcing Intel Learning Series
    • Ongoing Research, doing R&D in various countries and education environments and then bring that data to their OEM partners
    • Education Technology, Intel clamshell and convertible pc OEMS.
      • Magellan Initiative, Portugal — deploying Classmate PCs to 500,000 students
      • Magellan — developed a classmate pc enhanced for reading and writing — larger displays
  • announcing a new reference design that is tablet based, rugged. Convertible version is not rugged. Has a rotating camera to take picture in front and back. Clamshell is rugged.
  • New Intel Powered convertible classmate pc design Announced
    • N270 1.6, Intel 945GSE
    • 30% longer battery life, 1024 x 600 resolution
    • Tablet mode
      • increased mobility for anywhere usage
      • built in accelerometer auto screen rotation
      • custom / simple UI shell and launcher
    • Touch Screen
      • Enables writing and natural drawing
      • Hand writing recognition
      • support resting hand on screen — palm rejection — a child is demoing it — really good palm rejection. no vectoring. Ink looks like the typical jagged touch screen.
    • Enhanced SW
      • fosters collaboration and facilitates classroom management
      • Touch optimized system applets for easy interaction
      • Touch optimized software and education applications
    • CTL has the new Classmate convertible PC in stock and available for shipping

We’ll have video and more pictures coming soon.




  1. Lukasz

    01/09/2009 at 1:08 pm

    Great Coverage guys…I can tell youre all working hard. Its really great to see these small multi-input devices coming out. I think they will offer the compromise that has kept many people away from tablets – limited availability and price. Really interested to see how consumers respond.

  2. rocke86

    01/09/2009 at 4:41 pm

    Can’t wait to hear about an adult oriented tablet, if it is slightly bigger, has a active digitizer, and costs less than $1000, this could be a real winner and steal hp consumer tablet thunder.

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