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Interesting Tablet PC Concept for Researchers



Yeah, it is just a concept but it is an interesting one. Designed for researchers and called the FieldCREW User Research Tablet, this concept is for those who spend a lot of time gathering data this concept has multiple ways of input including:

…several wireless data gathering components, including:

  • Wireless, remotely controlled tracking video cameras for audio and video recording
  • Handheld wireless taggers that allow each observer to tag key events of their choosing for later review – tagging is synched to a common timeline on the tablet
  • Subvocalization sensor allows the researcher to silently dictate notes that are automatically transcribed to text and stored on the tablet

The tablet manages and receives data from these wireless components and provides features including:

  • Video notation (i.e. telestrator) for annotation of events as they happen
  • Speech-to-text translation of recorded audio (and subvocalizations)
  • Access to stored and online project and research reference materials
  • Built-in storage and recharging for wireless components
  • Synchronization of all input sources (video, tagging, notes) for streamlined analysis

Check out the slide show demo here.

Via SlashGear



  1. Raphael Malikian

    10/31/2008 at 9:28 am

    l guess Onenote and Evermore already do most of these; all you’d need is a toughbook + Small webcam that would slot into the USB slot such that the camera lens was close to the USB plug.

    If such a cam existed I’d pick one up in a second because the lenovo X61 has USB ports at top + bottom of screen in tablet portrait mode. Would allow for easier video recording of lectures than the alternative of having to use a wired webcam!

  2. Raphael Malikian

    10/31/2008 at 9:31 am


  3. David Howard

    10/31/2008 at 5:54 pm

    It looks kind of like old cassette recorders, with the handle and button placement…

  4. Ronald A. Dowty

    11/01/2008 at 7:54 am


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