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Internet Outages Point Up Potential Difficulties In The Cloud



The other day I posted about connectivity being one of, if not the key issue, to mobile computing. Certainly if you rely on the cloud you need to have access to that data. Recent connectivity outages point up those issues even more, and always make me think about a backup scenario. India and the Middle East are suffering from a cable break in the Mediterranean, that is forcing all sorts of work arounds, not just for Internet access but for a variety of communications that affect a range of businesses. Users are being asked to voluntarily cut back on media and music traffic to help the strapped system stay up.

I also just read that AT&T Edge service in the Midwest is down, affecting users from Chicago to Kansas City. While they hope to get it back online later today, the repairs may take until February 5th according to some reports.

Out here in the boonies, we experience some intermittent problems with connectivity that can bring our small theatre to its knees when it occurs, and is making us take some serious looks at our plans for using the Internet to manage our two venue in two town operation.

How about you? What’s your backup plan if you loose connectivity?

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