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Internet Use Higher Among the Wealthy



A survey of 7,500 Americans conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project finds that wealthier Americans use the Internet more. The report published says that 95 percent of the affluent uses the Web at least occasionally, compared to 70% of less wealthy households, and that Americans earning $75,000 annually or higher use the Internet and connected devices more than low-income people.

Of the wealthy, 95 percent use a mobile phone, 99% use the Internet at home, 93% have a home broadband connection, 79% own a laptop, 79% own a desktop, and a full 70% own a device such as an iPod and 42% own a video game console.

For the less wealthy, 83% use a mobile phone, 93% use the Internet at home, 85% have a home mobile broadband connection, 55% own a desktop, 47% own a laptop, and 54% own a device like an iPod and 41% have a video game console.

With more highly affluent people, Pew finds that people earning $150,000 annually or more are 30% more likely to use the Internet, 25% more likely to use email, 19% more likely to use online bill payment systems, and 19% more likely to get their news online than lower income Americans.

Correlation between wealth (income) and Internet use may be a reason that can be cited for a universal Internet access policy according to Information Week.

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