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Intriguing SideShow Concepts



ScribberRicavision looks to be taking aim at Vista’s SideShow features with a trio of small devices that use the technology. According to this article on RegHardware, Ricavision recently showed off three such small devices, although with no date for release yet.

The first one is a fridge magnet (pictured here) that allows you to ink notes on your fridge door. (I just hope it doesn’t fall off as much as the many different type of fridge notepads we’ve tried.)

The second is an eBook reader (called EReader) that connects wirelessly to a Vista PC to download ebook content to be displayed on an e-ink screen that allows annotation.

The third is MK140 E-Chatter that offers email and instant messaging on a 5” LCD screen an an onscren QWERTY keyboard. the MK140 can als be used as an audio headset for voice.

Here’s a link to the product page that contains pictures of the other two devices as well as more descriptions.

We picked this up from Wired Blog Network where they don’t seem too impressed with Ricavision’s approach to SideShow. I’m thinking it is probably too early to tell.




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