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Introducing Our Speech Recognition Writer, John Gannon



As I mentioned several weeks ago, we are rounding out the natural input technologies that we cover on, by adding speech recognition to our regular content coverage.

Well, good news is in store.

John Gannon has agreed to come on board as a contributing writer for GBM covering speech recognition. As a self-described heavy user of speech recognition, John is going to focus on the day to day usability of speech recognition, training, accessories, and more.

Here is a little background on John. I’ll let him introduce himself further with his first post:

John is a a licensed psychologist who specializes in marriage and family issues.  He is also board certified in psychopharmocology. 

John uses a Motion Computing LE1600 as his work computer in his day to day counseling.  He is primarily a Dragon Naturally Speaking user, spending 40+ hours a week on the program. However, I’m sure John will also talk about Vista Speech Recognition and the in’s and out’s about various Microsoft solution. John describes himself as a "poor and slow typist", thus his heavy reliance on speech recognition technologies.

John has  been married for 26 years with two kids, and sculls 7 miles a day for relaxation.

Welcome aboard, John!

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