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Introducing the Remarkably Xbox-like Samsung Gaming Controller




In addition to getting experiencing the Samsung Galaxy S4 first hand, those at today’s Unpacked event are also being treated  to some hands-on time with a coming Samsung gaming controller.

Gotta Be Mobile managed to get our hands and eyes on what they’re calling a prototype of a controller designed to give gamers who are used to physical controls one more reason to pick up a Galaxy S device. The controller which features two analog joysticks, a directional pad, and colored “X”, “Y”, “B” and “A” buttons arranged in a cross pattern are meant to clearly invoke fond experiences in gaming for those who are heavily into console gaming, we’d say particularly those of the Xbox 360 for variety for whose controller this device is a dead ringer for.

Samsung's new wireless gaming controller

Samsung’s new wireless gaming controller

Though it’s making its debut on the same red carpet as the Samsung Galaxy S4, the controller features an adjustable clamp that should be able to fit Samsung’s entire range of devices. Its Bluetooth protocol support should also lend itself just find to connecting to any device in Samsung’s lineup, Galaxy S or otherwise.

The controller will ship with 8 games and Samsung tells Gotta Be Mobile that the device is compatible with up to 80 more games. At the event the controller was able to accurately and quickly control Real Racing 3 played on a Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Samsung gaming controller lets gamers play Real Racing 3 and other games on the Galaxy S4 with a physical controller.

The Samsung gaming controller lets gamers play Real Racing 3 and other games on the Galaxy S4 with a physical controller.

While gamers have found the relatively zippy processors and portability of a smartphone to be worthwhile during casual gaming sessions, the same can’t be said for those looking for more in-depth gaming experiences. These experiences –most notably first person shooters and action adventure games, don’t lend themselves to touch-screen controls very well, and are consistently rated among the worst games in the iTunes App Store, Google Play Market, and Windows Phone Store.

Samsung's new wireless gaming controller

The Samsung wireless gaming controller can clip the Galaxy S4 in place.

All of that being said, Samsung isn’t the first to make an attempt at bridging this usability gap. The MOGA game controller garnered headlines the world over in its attempt to cater to this exact market. Unfortunately, as with all accessories, developers have to support this type of accessory in their games. Though there are no statistics on just how many have done so in the past, the number of games that are programmed to use controllers of this type is commonly understood to be an infinitely small.

So far, there’s been no mention of how much the Samsung gaming controller might cost. It is however, scheduled to ship in May.

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