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iOS 5.0.1 Update Said to Fix iPhone Battery Life Issues



If you’re an iPhone owner who has been suffering from battery loss issues since you’ve been running iOS 5 then it looks like a remedy is just around the corner as the iOS 5.0.1 update is  described by a reader of Wired as “nothing short of amazing.”

It would appear that Apple has figured out the puzzle it has desperately been trying to solve and the next incarnation of iOS should restore iPhone owners lives to normal.

The guy who is touting the update, Donald Kuntzman, downloaded the update onto his Verizon iPhone 4 and says that the turn around from iOS 5 to iOS 5.0.1  is like night and day.

iOS 5.0.1

“To go almost an entire day without a change in the meter reading seems unbelievable. Where before I could almost watch the battery drain, now it doesn’t move at all,” says Kuntzman.

Another user chimed in saying that the 15 percent battery loss that he would see every hour now sits at around 4-5 percent after installing the new software. And yet another states that he now has to charge his iPhone once every other day instead of every day.

So it would seem that all will be well for a majority of iPhone owners, there are always a few rotten eggs, once Apple decides to make the update available to the general public.

No word yet on when that will be unfortunately.

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1 Comment

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