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iOS 5 Manuals Now Available



We have always lived in a world of “we don’t need no stinking manuals.” But  every now and then it is nice to have a reference to fall back on, even when it may not give you all you need to know.

iOS 5 manuals for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad are now available at this link. They are PDF files available for downloading. And here’s a handy tip if you’re using one of those iDevices (which I assume you are if your interested in these in the first place.). Download what you want and drop them in the Books section of your iTunes library. If you have iBooks loaded, the manual will then be at your beck and call by going to iBooks. I have quite a few manuals and documents stored this way in iBooks. In fact, that’s my primary use for iBooks.

Of course there are other methods for doing this as well, but I find it convenient to have one place to go for PDF files.


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