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iOS 6.1 Release Date Inches Closer



Just a few weeks after Apple released iOS 6.1 Beta 3 comes the release of the latest beta version of iOS 6.1, iOS 6.1 Beta 4, which is now available for those in the developer program to download and install. And while great for developers, it’s also great news for consumers as it means that the iOS 6.1 release date has inched closer.

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In early December, Apple released iOS 6.1 Beta 3 developers and now, just a short weeks after its December 3rd release, Apple has made the iOS 6.1 Beta 4 available to participants of Apple’s developer program. The update is around 100MB in size which means that those who are eligible will need to set aside a few minutes to download and install the update.


The iOS 6.1 release date has gotten closer.

Apple says that the iOS 6.1 Beta 4 update is a mixture of bug fixes and improvements to the software so there may not be anything new contained in the software other than patches for previous issues. It’s also possible that those digging around the software will find some hidden gems but at this point, the new Beta appears to just be a bug fixer and nothing more substantial.

iOS 6.1 is slated to be the first major update to the iOS 6 operating system, following in the footsteps of the iOS 6.0.1 update which was released a few weeks after Apple released iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. iOS 6.0.1, while the first update for iOS 6, was merely a bug fix update. iOS 6 promises to deliver a few new features to those iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners using iOS 6.


iPhone 3GS owners will be getting iOS 6.1.

The next iOS 6 update doesn’t appear to be a massive upgrade but does look like it will have some new features on board. Those discovered thus far are a new Siri feature which allows users to buy movie tickets through Fandango, a more prominent place for the Report a Bug feature and a new UI design for the lock screen controls for music. Apple will also surely be including bug fixes and improvements from the previous version.

Apple doesn’t announce release dates for its smaller software updates so at this point in time, one for iOS 6.1 is unknown. However, given that this is the fourth beta and we’ve heard that it will be coming after the holidays, it appears that an iOS 6.1 release date is closer than ever.

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