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iOS 6 Code Hints At 9-Pin Dock Connector for New iPhone



Speculations over a shrunken dock connector standard for Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 5 have been swirling for some time now, and recent renders and leaked images of the rumored device show a smaller connector port. In the past, it’s been rumored that the new standard may support either 8 or 19 pins, but a recently discovered line of code suggests that Apple’s new standard will utilize 9 pins.

According to the code posted at 9to5 Mac, we are learning that the dock connector will have 9 pins. iOS 6’s code reads: “000002d9c t_copyDeviceSupports9Pin.” Though the news itself is relatively insignificant for consumers eagerly awaiting for Apple to launch the new phone, it does confirm the new smaller dock connector standard.


The smaller dock connector standard will mean that older accessories–including chargers, USB cables, docks, speaker docks–that make use of Apple’s proprietary dock connector standard will not be compatible with the new iPhone. There are rumors, however, that Apple may release and make available a dock connector converter accessory that will allow users to convert existing dock connector accessories and make them compatible with the new iPhone. That information is not yet confirmed and it’s unknown if Apple will make such an accessory.


The shift to the smaller dock connector standard was likely made to allow the iPhone 5 to be slim and thin while still accommodating the latest technologies–like 4G LTE–and also supporting a capacious battery.

In addition to switching to the smaller dock connector, Apple is also rumored to be migrating from its micro SIM standard to a nano SIM format.

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