iOS 6 Coming to iPhone 3GS

Apple has announced iOS 6 and it will be coming to Apple’s iPhone 3GS when it gets released later this year.

Many iPhone 3GS owners may have been worried that iOS 6 and its 200 new features including a new Maps service, Facebook integration and more would not be coming to the device but Apple says that the software will indeed be headed to the aging device in the future.

It’s unclear if it will leave out any features when the software arrives. With iOS 5 there weren’t any significant features left out so iPhone 3GS owners should cross their fingers and hope for the same from iOS 6.

The iPhone 3GS is three years old now with two other iPhones, the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S succeeding it.

iOS 5 has been hit or miss for iPhone 3GS owners and hopefully, the experience is up to par with iOS 6 considering all of the new features that will be coming with it.

While iOS 6 will be coming with a ton of new Siri features, they won’t be coming to the iPhone 3GS as Siri is only available on the iPhone 4S at the moment.

In any event, this is big news for iPhone 3GS owners, especially those that just bought the device. The device is still in-stores and likely will be for the foreseeable future.

Apple still has not announced a release date for iOS but we assume that it will be out when Apple announces the next iPhone, presumably the iPhone 5, which is rumored to be out this fall.