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iOS 6 Jailbreak for iPhone 5: Dream Jailbreak is a Fake



The iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 5, called Dream Jailbreak is a fake.

After posting video proof that was quickly torn apart by the jailbreak developers, the individual behind the stunt claimed it was all a “dream” to teach a, “lesson to the public.”

Shortly after posting the video proof of the iOS 6 jailbreak, the individual behind the fake shut down the YouTube videos and deleted the Twitter account.

The Dream Jailbreak website now includes a rant about fake jailbreak claims, a portion of which is quoted below.

The provided proof tonight was intended as a final boost to the viewers before this message was released.

Let this be a lesson to the public. PLEASE be careful when it comes to jailbreak solutions that are advertised outside of the prominent and accepted dev teams. Do some research and follow them on Twitter now.

Dismiss any claims made by anybody, unless it has been confirmed from the dev team members

Fake iOS 6 jailbreak video

The fake iOS 6 jailbreak video was quickly removed from YouTube.

Despite claims that the entire event was designed to raise attention, it’s possible that the elaborate hoax was the beginning of an attempt at tricking users into paying for a fake jailbreak, which morphed into a “lesson” after being called out by the jailbreak community.

Dream Jailbreak started as the answer to many users’ requests for an untethered iPhone 5 jailbreak that would work on any device running iOS 6 or iOS 6.0.1. We shared the news of a planned iOS 6 jailbreak release of December 22nd with skepticism.

With another iOS 6 jailbreak fake behind us it’s clear that we won’t see an untethered iPhone 5 jailbreak during 2012. According to Stefan Esser, we may never see an untethered iOS 6 jailbreak. That doesn’t mean it’s time to give up hope on the iPhone 5 jailbreak, but users may need to wait until after the iOS 6.1 release date for developers to complete work on the first iPhone 5 jailbreak.

There is no current iPhone 5 jailbreak available. Users on iOS 5.1 can jailbreak the iPhone 4S, but there is no option for users on iOS 6. The only iOS 6 jailbreak available today works on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. It is a tethered jailbreak, which means users must connect to their computer anytime the iPhone restarts, which is not practical for many users.

Stay tuned for the latest iOS 6 and iPhone 5 jailbreak news.



  1. Josh homo smith

    12/14/2012 at 1:05 am

    HA GAY!

  2. No JB equals No Sale

    12/15/2012 at 5:03 am

    As an iOS and Android user, having no JB for current and future iOS devices means that I will be purchasing an Android device the next time I need a phone. I need FREE tethering, and my factory unlocked iPhone 4S is JB for that reason alone. Apple prefers to let providers disable tethering through the SIM, even on so-called “factory unlocked” phones. They also ban any third-party tethering apps. The hell with that. I have an Android phone for work, and although the user interface is unquestionably inferior to iOS, it’s not all that bad. I’ll take an inferior UI with tethering over a non-tetherable device with iOS any day.

    • Al

      12/15/2012 at 1:39 pm

      Very well said. Android is the choice.

    • Jay

      12/17/2012 at 9:33 am

      Not sure why there do much after an untethered JB.
      Tethered would be just fine.
      Btw, who gives a toss if you jump ship.
      You’ll be back once it’s released.

  3. Micheal

    12/16/2012 at 9:44 am

    Unfair i got really excited about this

  4. El Diverzo

    12/16/2012 at 3:28 pm

    It’s all a game “iOS 6.0 and up is a monopoly”

  5. Mr. G

    01/12/2013 at 2:16 am

    LOL, WOW!!! I have a few things to say, First off this article was just published and all information is about a month old!?!?!? Really the first point should be if you are counting on unknown hackers like “DREAM” then you are either a fool or a rookie to the Jail-Breaking community. Point being, and already said by many people, if Redsn0w, Absinthe, Greenpois0n, and Top Software does not release it then don’t waste your time, research it before you try it. and if you see a phony un heard of hacker, then dont boost his ego by giving him attention, Most people know never to pay..Calm down all of you, stop believing everything on the internet. How many of you have researched further then this to find out the reason behind the delay on Jail-breaking iOS 6 un-tethered? Research this,… One of the top hackers from the Chronic-Dev team has stepped away from the team and set out on a solo mission to create a Jail-break that is un-tethered, and can Jail-Break devices (other than apple, as well as apple) no matter what updates apple, droid, ext bring.. So him stepping away from this team slows them down because they are loosing a respectable team member, and his solo mission will last only GOD knows. Research that and research other reasons on the delay and what is taking Redsn0w and ext from accomplishing this, and stop bothering with unknown Wackers, not hackers Wackers! To say there will never be a Jail-break for the iPhone 5, 4s, ext is redic. It will be here it takes time, people that talk shit should really stop, the people that bring you the actuale finished product bust the ass to get this out to the public, and have a perfected version at that, yo are doing nothing to speed up the process and could not begin to comprehend the basics of what these guys/ and gals do, on top of there day, and or night job, it’s coming and its not easy so just wait and it will be here.

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