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iOS 6 Jailbreak: Pod2g Is back, Promises “It is Not the End!”



Pod2g is coming back to jailbreaking to work on the iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and other new Apple devices, saying his calls for an Open iOS 7 are not a sign of defeat.

Pod2g, the man best known for his essential contributions to the absinthe jailbreak tool, the first iPhone 4s jailbreak, broke his silence on jailbreaking in the past several days and is promising that he will come back to jailbreaking after finishing work on his app.

He says that work for the jailbreak continues, but it is not yet ready for a public release, saying, “It’ll happen. It is not the end.”

Pod2g shared on Twitter that after that project wraps up he will come back to jailbreaking, which could be what we need for the iOS 6 jailbreak to move from testing to release in early 2013.

Pod2g promises that his calls for an open iOS are not a sign that Apple won against jailbreakers. On Twitter he says he didn’t call for the Open iOS as a jailbreaker, presumable he did it as a new app developer.

In his recent updates, Pod2g shares a quick note on the progress of the iOS 6 jailbreak, without going into too many details.

In a recent lengthy interview Pod2g said that he is hopeful for the next six months, so with luck we will see the iOS 6 jailbreak public release before the middle of the year. We expect that Apple will announce a new version of iOS at WWDC this summer, most likely iOS 7. If the iOS 7 release date hits this fall, following the pattern of iOS 5 and iOS 6, jailbreakers would only have a short amount of time to use the latest iOS on a jailbroken iPhone 5.

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Work on the iOS 6 jailbreak is not a single effort, but work by a group of individuals who collectively know how to manage the exploits and security holes in iOS 6 and on devices like the iPhone 5 to open the system up to tweaks and modifications. We’ve already seen progress on the iOS 6 jailbreak on their devices, but work must be finalized. Once the iOS 6 jailbreak is complete, the team must create an easy to use tool for a public release.


Further proof of an iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 5.

The petition calling for an Open iOS is already above 4,000, something organizers hope will catch Apple’s attention. The hope is that Apple will deliver a more open iOS, that allows for the customizations Android offers users, without opening the iPhone and iPad up to piracy. Though recent events show even a non-jailbroken iPhone can be used to pirate apps.

Online petitions aren’t the most convincing method of changing the way a company works, but if users who are thinking of switching to Android, or already switched to Android because of a closed iOS reach significant numbers, that could catch Apple’s attention.

Stay tuned for the latest iOS 6 jailbreak news and progress on the iPhone 5 jailbreak.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Wall

    01/12/2013 at 12:31 am

    All I want is to be able to use my iphone as a device I can tether to.
    Telstra in australia makes this impossible. (thus the need to jailbreak).
    Even though I live remote outback…Of course, I could follow apple maps in the outback. and die.
    Waiting to get an android phone.
    It’s not all about Sipping Latte’s in Starbucks.
    Stupid Cupertino.

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