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iOS 6 Maps Confuses Oceans, Tells Users to Drive Off a Bridge



Apple announced iOS 6 this week at WWDC 2012 and one of its main features is a new Maps application. It is currently in beta form within iOS 6 beta and it has quickly become apparent that Apple has some work to do before it releases the application to the general public.

Gizmodo has found a couple of mistakes within iOS 6 Maps that would surely confuse users if they ever appeared in the final version of the service.

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Besides getting some street names wrong, the new Maps application has somehow confused the main bodies of water on planet Earth confusing the country of Greenland for the Indian Ocean and then mistaking the Indian Ocean for the Arctic Ocean. It also thinks the North Pacific Ocean is dead in the middle of the African continent and thinks the North Atlantic Ocean is just off the tip of Africa.

Clearly, Apple has some work to do there. It gets better though.

It Also Tells Users to Drive Off a Bridge

As John Hermann of BuzzFeed points out, Apple’s new mapping service has an icon that leads users directly off of an overpass. Yes, it’s within the icon itself and not the maps, but it’s still a bit odd especially since it’s right next to Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California.

We’re sure that these aren’t the only mistakes that can be found within Apple’s new Maps app, after all, the service is still in beta form.

And that’s what a beta is for anyway, isn’t it? Apple won’t be releasing iOS 6 to the public until the fall so it has plenty of time to re-direct users away from freeway overpasses and make sure users don’t mistake a huge land mass for a body of water.

Of course, Maps is just one piece of iOS 6.

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The software will also be bringing new Siri features, Facebook integration, a Do Not Disturb feature and a whole lot more when it arrives later this year.



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