iOS 6 Release Date Nears as iOS 6 App Updates Appear
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iOS 6 Release Date Nears as iOS 6 App Updates Appear



While Apple has yet to announce a release date for iOS 6 other than to say it will arrive this fall, signs point to a release coming in the near future, probably just a few days after the launch of the iPhone 5 on September 12th.

At WWDC 2012, Apple showed off its new mobile operating system, iOS 6, and touted its over 200 new features that will be coming to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

It not, however, give the software a specific release date, leaving many to wonder when it might be released.

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iOS 6 should be released sometime this month.

iOS 6 Release Date Clues

Fortunately, it’s looking like Apple is going to follow a similar path this time around with iOS 6 and release the software in and around the date of the iPhone 5 launch which is set to take place in San Francisco on September 12th.


Apple may have just updated its Apple Store app with iOS 6 compatibility, a sign that a release is close.

We haven’t heard about any specific release date yet but app developers including OMGPOP, maker of Draw Something, have already begun updating their applications to support iOS 6.


Developers have begun updating their apps with support for iOS 6 as well.

In addition, Apple itself has updated its Apple Store app for iOS with something it calls an “iOS Compatibility Update” which likely means support for iOS 6.

iOS 6 Release Date Predictions

Last year, Apple released iOS 5 a few days after the launch of the iPhone 4S, and shortly before the iPhone 4S’ release date, and we expect the same to happen this year with iOS 6.

Right now, the iPhone 5’s release date is pegged for September 21st and if that holds up, iOS 6 will likely be released somewhere in between September 12th and September 21st for devices not called iPhone 5.

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Devices that will be getting the upgrade to iOS 6 include the iPhone 3GS and above for the iPhone, iPad 2 and up for the iPad, and the fourth-generation iPod touch.

Of course, many of the older devices won’t be getting a full-fledged upgrade to iOS 6 as many of the more powerful features like turn-by-turn navigation in the new Maps app will be missing. And Siri, for instance, won’t be coming to the iPad 2.

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We expect Apple to announce the iOS 6 release date at the iPhone 5 event. Hopefully, this time around, Apple’s servers are prepared for the crunch of iOS users attempting to download the software.

Last year, many users had issues downloading iOS 5 and had to wait until the next day to get it installed.



  1. Alan, Manchester UK

    09/06/2012 at 3:29 pm

    I’m surprised, given the presumed iPhone 5 / iOS 6 launch event is rapidly approaching, that we have not yet seen the release of the iOS 6 Gold Master to developers.

  2. Kari

    09/07/2012 at 4:52 pm

    iOS 5 was released in October last year…

  3. Omar Dajani

    09/16/2012 at 7:02 am

    So when will IOS 6 be released I heard on September 19 is that true?

  4. anthony

    09/18/2012 at 7:25 pm

    tomorrow IOS 6 10:00am !!!

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