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iOS 6 Rumors Point to Facebook Integration, Live Icons, and More



Apple’s WWDC is still a week away, which means we have another week of iOS 6 rumors. Today’s list of rumors includes a new color scheme, live icons, and Facebook integration.

Today’s list of iOS 6 rumors comes from BGR. Not all the items on the list have very many details, but many of the bigger ones do. Included in the list is a shift from the blue and blue stripes UI to a pure silver UI like the iPad, and the new maps app we’ve heard so much about that even Google seems just a bit afraid of.

Also included in the list is Facebook integration. In iOS 6 users might be able to share photos, videos, websites, and other information as easily as they share it to Twitter. The integration might also let users check-in to locations via Facebook easily.

BGR's mockup of iOS 6 including a silver UI and unified omnibar in Safari.

One feature Android always had over iOS is widget support. The new rumors say there’s a chance Apple will put widgets in Notification Center, but not on the homescreen. It’s more likely that Apple include live icons in iOS 6. iOS 5 already updates the Calendar icon with the current date everyday. Even just giving the Weather icon a live icon would be a step up.

Also included in the list is new Siri compatibility. The virtual personal assistant will make its way to the iPad in iOS 6, and gain more functionality. There’s a possibility of an API that lets apps connect to the service, but that might not come in this update.

Other smaller features include a unified omnibar in Safari, 1080p AirPlay mirroring, an improved interface for multitasking, automatic app updates, iCloud Tabs, and new multitouch gestures. Some of the rumors seem more plausible than others, but all would make iOS 6 a much better version of the platform. We’ll likely find out most of what’s in the next version of iOS next week at WWDC.

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