iOS 6 Wi-Fi Issues Leave Users Disconnected

It appears that some iPhone and iPad users who upgraded to iOS 6 last week are still experiencing issues connecting to Wi-Fi.

AppleInsider discovered a 91 page thread, a thread that is still growing, that has surfaced on Apple’s forums and it details the Wi-Fi issues that iOS 6 owners have run into since installing the new software.

Many users are saying that the Wi-Fi option is simply grayed out which means they are unable to connect to their home or even a foreign Wi-Fi network. Other users in the thread are saying that they are able to enable Wi-Fi in iOS 6’s settings but are still unable to gain access to any Wi-Fi network. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Wi-Fi is the only issue plaguing iPhone and iPad owners.

In addition, it appears that others are seeing issues with Bluetooth where their device can’t recognize other devices and instead, just show the spinning wheel.

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iOS 6 users are still reporting Wi-Fi issues in iOS 6.

The issues don’t appear to be connected to the iPhone 5 only as owners of various other iOS 6 devices are reporting these issues as well. And given that the thread is 91 pages long, it appears that these are issues afflicting many owners.

I haven’t experienced any of these issues on my iPhone 3GS with iOS 6 or my iPhone 5 with iOS 6. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi function as normal.

It does appear that Apple is aware of the issues, not surprising given how long the thread is, but there is no telling how long a fix, if there is one, might take.

In the meantime, those experiencing the issue should take a look at the fixes that we brought to surface last week when the Wi-Fi issues first surfaced. If the fixes work, this will help prevent users from going over tiered data limits.

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Last week, users were experiencing difficulties with Wi-Fi and were being re-routed to a non-functioning Apple webpage when trying to connect to Wi-Fi.

However, that was discovered to be an issue on Apple’s end and it appeared that the problem was fixed. That doesn’t appear to be the case though the fixes may, at least temporarily, help users fix the issue.

Have you been experiencing Wi-Fi issues in iOS 6?