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iOS 7.0.2 Update Arrives to Fix Lock Screen Passcode Bug



As expected, Apple has just released a small, incremental update to iOS 7 that fixes the notorious lock screen passcode security flaw that has been making the rounds over the past few days. iOS 7.0.2 fixes a bug that allowed users to bypass the passcode unlock sequence on the lock screen in order access certain parts of the iPhone, such as contacts and the Camera Roll.

We showed how the security exploit can be applied to an iPhone’s lock screen, and once in, you can access the device’s Camera Roll and view all of a user’s photos that they have stored inside, as well as share those photos to various social networks or even through email.


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Luckily, the bypass doesn’t allow prying eyes to access any more info than that, but access to photos and the ability to share them to social networks can be daunting enough for someone. However, those who apply the exploit can see what apps that a user has used recently, but they wouldn’t be able to open them up and play around in them.

The security flaw was discovered just a day after iOS 7 was released, and it quickly spread in popularity. It’s certainly not an simple exploit, as it involves a few steps and a little bit of good timing, but if someone got a hold of your phone that knew how the exploit worked, it could cause some pretty good damage.

The official release notes also mention that a Greek keyboard option has been re-added for entering passcodes. Other than that, iOS 7.0.2 is nothing but a security bug fix, so don’t expect new features or a new look when you install the update.

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