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iOS 7.1.1 Problems Continue to Annoy Users



Safari continues to reload tabs for many iPad Air users, and springboard crashes are still a problem for some. A reader shares details about these iOS 7.1.1 problems that continue to annoy users months after the release.

Other  iOS 7.1.1 problems include battery life and WiFi complaints on the iPhone and iPad. Apple is working on an iOS 7.1.2 update to fix a number of iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1 problems. Leaks don’t indicate what iOS 7.1.1 problems this update will fix, and users may need to wait until the iOS 8 release date this fall for a larger batch of fixes.

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iOS 7.1.1 problems don’t impact every user, which is part of why it is tough for Apple to isolate and fix issues like Safari reloading tabs on the iPad Air.

The iPad Air is new, but it is the home for several iOS 7.1.1 problems.

The iPad Air is new, but it is the home for several iOS 7.1.1 problems.

While users may accept performance issues on older devices like the iPad 2, the iPad Air is Apple’s flagship device with a new 64-bit Apple A7 processor designed to work with iOS 7. If anything iPad Air users should see the least iOS 7.1.1 problems but for some users this continues to drag on, and will likely stick around until Apple identifies a fix.

Other iOS 7.1.1 problems include a lock screen bypass, problems sending mail, battery life, app crashes and Notification problems.

If the iOS 7.1.2 release does not fix this problem users will need to wait for iOS 8, which is a major update to the iPhone and iPad software. According to one user the problem is not fixed in the iOS 8 beta, but there is time for Apple to add to the beta. The iOS 8 release date arrives this fall, but the exact date is unknown.

The video below shows this iPad iOS 7.1.1 problem in action. The Safari app is unable to keep the tabs loaded while switching between two tabs. This is something that the iPad Air should be able to handle, especially with no other app open.

Gotta Be Mobile reader Edgardas shares his description of two iOS 7.1.1 problems that make using his iPad Air a frustrating and annoying experience. 

“Like others I have been facing up with Safari crashes and springboard crashes on my iPad air. After springboard or Safari crash I get “Low memory” logs at settings – general – diagnostic and usage. Apple said that springboard crashes was fixed on 7.1. However after this update I’m getting at least one Safari/springboard crash a day”

In an attempt to fix these iOS 7.1.1 problems he restored the firmware on the iPad Air twice and cleared Safari cache, but it was no help. This does not impact the iPad mini or his iPhone 5s.

When the iPad Air crashes it creates a Low memory log, creating a trail of this iOS 7.1.1 problem.

When the iPad Air crashes it creates a Low memory log, creating a trail of this iOS 7.1.1 problem.

When Safari crashes and Springboard crashes the iPad creates logs for a low memory problem, shown in the image above. There is a long thread on Apple Support forums about this issue. Updates fixed the issue on some devices, but there are still users that cannot reliably browse even two tabs in Safari. Another long thread shares discussion of the problem with users offering opinions on the amount of RAM in the iPad Air.

If you experience either of these iOS 7.1.1 problems the first thing to do is clear the Safari cache by going to Settings -> Safari-> Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data. This may help some users, but if the problem persists you should backup the iPad and perform a restore to reset it to factory settings. After plugging in and backing up to iTunes or using iCloud backup go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase all Content and Settings. It may be a good idea to not restore from backup, as this could bring any problems back over.

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Rumors point to an iOS 7.1.2 release in early July. Although it is not clear if this update brings a fix to this issue it should offer relief from some iOS 7.1.1 problems.



  1. Cara Carrillo

    06/28/2014 at 10:23 am

    The iPad mini is also having issues as a result of the iOS 7.1.1 update. Erratic behavior with Safari is constant and this is still after doing a complete reset. The disappointment with Apple continues to rise.

  2. Edas

    06/28/2014 at 12:09 pm

    Same issue here with iPad air…so annoying

  3. David

    06/29/2014 at 5:16 am

    I am a ipad 4 retina user upgraded to iOS 7 two days ago, due to FaceTime loss and some issues with the web such as ebay. These are MINOR issues compared to the total CRAP functionality and visibility of 7. If you are a sensitive user and suffer any eye defects, however minor, then DO NOT “upgrade” from 6….it is wonderful and I feel as though i’ve lost my right arm. Why do developers and now the CEO of apple think they can screw around with UI and mess everything up? My IOS 7 does not exhibit any safari issues, but battery life has dramatically gone DOWN…..Speed issues I had with the web of late, which induced the switch mainly, have NOT been removed. The ONLY advantage of 7 is a gentle dissolve transition, without loss of speed, between screens. This is welcome to eye sufferers.
    Apple want shooting. The stick they rightly got for the crap icons is nothing to what they should get over the WORSE issues they have induced into what was a beautiful UI and easy, pleasant product. I will be attempting the jailbreak….I urge everyone with a 4th generation iPad to do the same. OSX will become a IOS 7/8 lookalike soon. How appalling. How the hell wants windows 8? 14% apple report in the key note….so what do they do? Make 7 & 8 look like windows.
    An ex microsoft man in charge of apple now….Stuff apple, they only now care solely about $$$ RIP Steve Jobs.

  4. nevenera

    06/29/2014 at 7:28 am

    Yeah, the battery life on my Iphone 5s is laughable since I upgraded, so I have not upgraded my Ipad, was just checking to see if issues had been fixed, it does not seem they are, so I will wait until ios 7.2 or even 8 as that should come out sometime this year from what I can tell.

    • Edas

      06/29/2014 at 11:05 pm

      Apple “trying” to fix battery issues from iOS 5…However the problem is that battery capacity is too low.

  5. Hatip

    06/30/2014 at 11:21 am

    It’s sucks the iphone now takes to long to charge and fast the battery getting dead !

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