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iOS 7.1.2 on iPhone 5 Review



Earlier this week, Apple rolled out its latest iOS 7 update, iOS 7.1.2. iOS 7.1.2 is a minor bug fix update but as iPhone and iPad owners know, these bug fix updates often bring more trouble than they’re worth. After spending a week with the new iOS 7.1 update, we want to take a look at how its performing and whether its worth installing on the iPhone 5.

Back in March, Apple delivered a brand new iOS 7 update in the form of iOS 7.1. Apple’s iOS x.1 updates are always bigger than a standard incremental update and iOS 7.1 was no different. The update did deliver a laundry list of bug fixes for iOS 7 problems but it also brought design tweaks, new features, and performance enhancements along with it as well. iOS 7.1 will serve as the bridge between iOS 7 and the iOS 8 update that is coming later on this year.

While Apple’s x.1 updates tend to fix problems brought on iPhone and iPad owners by the initial upgrade, they also tend to bring some problems of their own. Last year’s iOS 6.1 update, for example, brought a number of issues to all kinds of iPhone and iPad owners. The same can be said for iOS 7.1. It delivered fixes but it also brought some problems along with it.

Fortunately, Apple isn’t the kind of company that sits around and twiddles its fingers. It takes action in the form of smaller incremental updates that periodically roll out to solve problems.

In April, Apple pushed out iOS 7.1.1, a small update aimed at tackling iOS 7.1 problems. And then, earlier this week, it delivered iOS 7.1.2 to iPhone and iPads running iOS 7. iOS 7.1.2 brings several bug fixes to iPhone and iPad users including a fix for a mail encryption problem affecting attachments. It’s a small update for the iPhone and iPad but an important one nonetheless.

The purpose of iOS 7.1.2 is to solve issues but as we know, these smaller updates can occasionally wreck havoc on devices. We don’t want that to happen to anybody and that’s why we want to take a look at how iOS 7.1.2 is performing on the iPhone 5, a week after its release by Apple.

iOS 7.1.2 Installation Issues

On Monday, seconds after Apple pushed it live, I installed iOS 7.1.2. As I noted back then, I didn’t run into any installation issues when installing the 20MB update. It was a smooth process that took around 1o to 15 minutes to complete. However, it appears that some people are having issues installing iOS 7.1.2, even now, a week later.


iPhone and iPad users are complaining about installation issues that all lead down the same road. The iOS 7.1.2 update process won’t complete and the device is stuck. Fortunately, as we’ve pointed out, there is an easy way to circumvent these problems. If you’re dealing with problems, simply perform a hard reset on the device.

To do that, hold down the power button and the home button at the same time. That should help to get the iOS 7.1.2 installation process moving again should it lock up.

iOS 7.1.2 Performance

When it comes to the performance of incremental iOS updates like iOS 7.1.2, I like to look at five different areas in particular. They include applications and how they’re performing post update, battery life and whether there is abnormal drain, bugs or hiccups, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth performance, and overall speed. After spending a week with the iOS 7.1.2 update, here is what I’ve found during my week with Apple’s latest update.


Throughout the week, I’ve put various applications through a gauntlet of testing. I realize that our applications are going to differ from one another so I’ll focus on a few apps that are common amongst iPhone users.

Facebook, Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, Dark Sky, Weather Channel, Google Hangouts, and Google Chrome are all performing well after the iOS 7.1.2 update. As for the other apps I use, I haven’t stumbled on any sluggishness or any crashes since installing the update. Everything seems to be working out quite well and my hope is that this trend continues.


In the past, I’ve had applications start to behave badly in the weeks after a release but I’m optimistic here given that these applications were all working fine inside iOS 7.1.1.

iOS 7.1.2 Battery Life

In a word: Solid. Yes, I’ve heard the complaints about iOS 7.1.2 battery life but to be honest, they aren’t as loud as past iOS updates. So I get the feeling that iOS 7.1.2 is stable for a majority of iPhone and iPad users.

Even now, two years later, I’m still able to get a full day of use out of my iPhone 5 when switching between 4G LTE and Wi-Fi for work and for personal use. It’s pretty impressive and one of the reasons why I am heavily considering the iPhone 6 as my next smartphone.


Typically, bugs will reveal themselves in the week after the release of an iOS update. So it’s a good sign that I haven’t experienced any significant bugs since installing the iOS 7.1.2 update save for two minor issues that I’ve run into the past two days.


For reasons that remain unknown to me, I haven’t been receiving some iMessages on my iPhone 5. Today, for instance, my friends sent a number of messages in a group thread and while the notifications popped up on my iMac, the messages did not appear on my iPhone. They only appeared after I did a soft reset.

This was not happening earlier in the week and my hope is that it doesn’t become a regular thing. Only time will tell. For now, let that serve as your temporary fix in case you’re running into the same issue. Toggling iMessage off an on might help too.


Bluetooth connectivity inside iOS 7.1.2 is still solid. I’m able to connect the iPhone 5 my Bose SoundLink Mini with no problems. 4G LTE and Wi-Fi speeds are stable and I haven’t seen a noticeable drop in speed or reliability. However, one thing I have noticed is that my call quality is still abysmal.

After the arrival of iOS 7.1, my regular calls and FaceTime Audio calls regularly drop or sound terrible. I wish it was an AT&T or Wi-Fi issue but I don’t think it is. The problem follows me wherever I go and it’s to the point that people on the other line have started to complain.

iPhone 5 Scratches - iPhone 5S Improve -  4

In the three days after the iOS 7.1.2 update’s arrival, call quality improved. However, it has taken a turn for the worse in the past two days and I’m back at square one. I still can’t figure out if it’s an antenna issue, if it’s an iOS 7.1 issue or something else but I know that things weren’t this bad before the arrival of iOS 7.1.

Fortunately, I seem to be in the minority as I haven’t seen any complaining about call quality after iOS 7.1.2. If I find a fix, I’ll let you know.


iOS 7.1.2 is still extremely fast and fluid. Apps open when I tap them, scrolling through home screens is quick and efficient, and I haven’t seen any random sluggishness. After the iOS 7.1 update, I noted that the iPhone 5 felt like new. It still feels that way after iOS 7.1.2.

Should You Install iOS 7.1.2?

At this point, I think the fix for the encryption issues alone is worth the install. My issues with iOS 7.1.2 are small, and isolated, and for the most part it has performed extremely well over the last week. Obviously, the final decision is up to you, but I see no reason to skip this update for the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Scratches - iPhone 5S Improve -  1

If you’re worried, wait it out. Though you might be waiting awhile. iOS 7.1.3 isn’t guaranteed and the next update for the iPhone 5 could very well be the iOS 8 update this fall.



  1. Eric Hollingsworth

    07/05/2014 at 7:05 pm

    “If you’re dealing with problems, simply perform a hard reset on the device.

    To do that, hold down the power button and the home button at the same time.”

    For me, the fix to the problem was not as simple as described above. It’s stuck at an icon stating that I need to connect ti iTunes. I connected to my iMac and it’s not stating that I need to completely wipe my phone and reboot to factory settings. Just did a google search and confirmed that others are having the same issue.

    I’m hoping to goodness that my info is backed on the cloud server. I have one of those external battery cases and after this issue, I’m not sure it the phone backs up to the cloud when incased in that external battery (it uses a different cord).

    I’m not performing any updates until the system makes me, or at least before googling to see if there are other issues.

  2. Colin

    07/06/2014 at 5:33 am

    This really must put the final nail in the coffin of the myth “It just works straight out of the box” I am sure extreme Apple fanatics will still continue to believe it, but any objective person will no longer be swayed by Apples advertising.


    07/06/2014 at 6:48 am

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  4. Reverend Grim. (@CRAPPLEBASHING)

    07/06/2014 at 11:10 am

    Apple isn’t the kind of company that sits around and twiddles its fingApple isn’t the kind of company that sits around and twiddles its fingers

  5. Reverend Grim. (@CRAPPLEBASHING)

    07/06/2014 at 11:26 am

    Apple isn’t the kind of company that sits around and twiddles its fingers… how the hell can you say that? let’s look at the evidence… Maps, the biggest joke going! two years and still no one would trust apple maps to tell them where the ground is yet alone anything else! Security… well what can be said here? how many hacks this year already and only 6 months in! I’d trust maps over apple security and that’s NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!
    Get a proper phone, use it and see what you have been missing! A BlackBerry Z30 will show up your iPhone… jeezzz, a Z10 shows up an iPhone and just look at the price difference!

  6. immovableobject

    07/06/2014 at 1:17 pm

    In an article discussing iOS software, why include all the pictures of the backside of the iPhone 5? Even the single image (out of five) showing the screen has nothing in particular to do with the article contents. I am not impressed.

  7. Lisa

    07/08/2014 at 10:10 pm

    Unfortunately, I didn’t read anything on the 7.1.2 upgrade and just ran it. It is showing complete, however; I have apps in waiting. I have performed the “simple” fix by doing the hard reboot but…nothing. Still waiting. I am unable to delete any waiting apps, any other suggestions would be much appreciated

  8. Neseypooh07

    07/09/2014 at 11:43 am

    My problems with this update are severely more serious than battery life. My phones screen becomes unusable and it keeps going to a state of purple/pinkness after being on for 5 seconds. It’s actually quite unusable as a phone since the update.

  9. Hirak Dasgupta

    07/20/2014 at 11:59 am

    The wait is too long for iPhone 6…. Being using the 5 close to two years now…. Looks like I have to look into Nexus 5 for my birthday gift in October!!

  10. immovableobject

    07/20/2014 at 12:25 pm

    Hirak Dasgupta wrote “The wait is too long for iPhone 6…. Being using the 5 close to two years now…. Looks like I have to look into Nexus 5 for my birthday gift in October!!”

    So two years is too long for you to stay with the same phone? I guess if you can afford to upgrade more often, good for you. In my opinion, smart phones have matured enough so that there aren’t enough compelling technological advances to warrant more frequent updates.

    As I’m happy inside the iOS walled garden, I’m not exactly eager to experiment with Android. As long as my iPhone 5 keeps working, I’m content to wait and see what the iPhone 6 offers. And as the iPhone 5 will run the forthcoming iOS 8, I might even keep using it for a third year, thus saving hundreds of dollars.

    There is always something new and shiny to crave, but how many of us really need to indulge the urge?

  11. Leigh

    07/20/2014 at 5:55 pm

    I’ve a delayed lock screen!

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