iOS 7.1 & iOS 7.0.3 Anticipation Grows Ahead of iPad Launch

Tomorrow, Apple is set to unleash a pair of new iPads in the iPad mini 2 and the iPad 5. However, rumors also suggest that the company could be introducing a number of other products including a brand new update to its iOS 7 software. iOS 7.0.3 and iOS 7.1 have both been rumored for arrival and anticipation for the updates is high ahead of tomorrow’s iPad launch wherein Apple could announce one of them for arrival.

Last month, Apple rolled out its iOS 7 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The release date was marred by installation issues that users encountered when trying to install the update. And while those issues subsided, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners have been complaining about a myriad of issues with iOS 7 since installing the update back in September.

Better ioS 7 battery life

Apple, for its part has acknowledged several of the major problems impacting its iOS software. The first admission came in the form of a swift iOS 7.0.1 update that tackled a Touch ID issue on the iPhone 5s and more. A few days later, Apple rolled out iOS 7.0.2 to all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners in an attempt to fix a passcode issue that allowed nefarious users to bypass the lock screen and view the camera roll and more.

Since then, the company has confirmed two more major issues with its iOS 7 update including an iMessage issue that is preventing iPhone users from sending or receiving iMessages and another issue that has killed the filters and control that teachers have over their iPads inside the classroom. Earlier this month, Apple confirmed that it was working on these two issues and that it would be rolling out an update sometime this month to address them.

That update has not been confirmed just yet though speculation, and logic, suggests that tomorrow’s iPad launch in San Francisco will be the source of an iOS 7 update announcement. Rumors have pointed to either an iOS 7.0.3 or iOS 7.1 update from Apple that will be aimed at fixing those two issues and have a chance to iron out some of the other issues that iOS 7 users have been dealing with since launch.

In particular, iPhone and iPad owners have been reportedly dealing with battery drain, Wi-Fi issues, general lag, FaceTime Audio problems, random reboots, and even a brand new security flaw. iPhone 4 and iPad 2 owners have been particularly vocal about the issues with their updates, unsurprising given how old the devices are.

Ahead of the iPad, anticipation for one update or the other has grown as iPhone and iPad owners seek a remedy for the issues plaguing their device. Users have  taken to social media, message boards and more to express their frustration with the current version of iOS 7 and many of those are hoping for an iOS 7.1 or iOS 7.0.3 update tomorrow.

There is no guarantee that Apple will announce an update tomorrow but it appears likely. The company confirmed an update for this month and what better way to announce it then on stage at its iPad event. Gotta Be Mobile has also started seeing iOS 7.0.3 and iOS 7.1 appear in server logs, another sign that an update could be close.

Typically, iOS .1 updates offer a couple of new features but thus far, we haven’t heard about any. Last year’s iOS 6.1 update offered new functionality for Siri and brand new lock screen music controls. Whatever the case, Apple doesn’t make promises it can’t keep, so, we expect an iOS update to roll out relatively soon. Whether or not it tackles issues beyond iMessage and issues in the classroom remains to be seen.

In addition to a new iOS 7 update, tomorrow’s iPad event could feature a new Retina-powered iPad mini 2, redesigned iPad 5, OS X Mavericks release date and price, new Mac Pro details and new MacBook Pro models.