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iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Release Unlikely



Apple has finally pushed out the final version of iOS 7.1 to all iPhone and iPad users after several months of beta testing. The new update adds several new features and also includes a heap of bug fixes and performance improvements.

However, jailbreakers might not be getting a jailbroken iOS 7.1, and it’s advised that those running an iOS 7 jailbreak should stay away from iOS 7.1 for now. It turns out that Apple officially patched up the Evasi0n7 jailbreak exploit in iOS 7.1, meaning that the Evad3rs dev team will have to start over and figure out another way through the back door in order to make the latest update jailbreakable, but an Evad3rs team member says efforts won’t be high to figure out an iOS 7.1 jailbreak.

iOS 7.1 jailbreak

Speaking with International Digital Times, jailbreak dev Pod2g was asked if an iOS 7.1 jailbreak is in the cards, and he simply replied with an “I don’t know.” He continues by saying that “there is a big chance the Evad3rs won’t focus on it as a team…expect that for iOS 8.”

This certainly is grim news for iOS 7 jailbreakers, but Pod2g says that “if one day, I find myself bored and can put enough time and energy into it, I have some ideas for how to make a 7.1 jailbreak…depending on how it has been fixed and other external events.”

So it really comes down to whether or not the Evad3rs team wants to spend the time and energy to come up with a new exploit for iOS 7.1, which it sounds like they’re not open to spending a lot of energy on it, at the moment.

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It’s been determined for a couple months now that iOS 7.1 would be the update when Apple finally patches up the exploit for good, and speculators were certainly correct. Of course, it’s not surprising, though, considering that iOS 6.1 patched up the iOS 6 jailbreak, but a new exploit was discovered soon after, but the same might not be said for iOS 7.1.

iOS 7.1 features several visual changes, including the look of the slide-to-unlock feature (including to the slide-to-power off function), as well as the phone, dialer, music and keyboard. iOS 7.1 also includes Apple’s CarPlay, a feature that it showed off earlier this month at the Geneva Car Show. This will allow drivers to use iOS hands-free in the car and it’s coming to select makes and models throughout the year.

Many iPhone and iPad users should also be relieved that iOS 7.1 will fix the random reboot issues that have been plaguing users for months. It hasn’t been happening to everyone, but it’s certainly become a widespread epidemic for iDevice owners.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. kahlil velayo (@okscool)

    03/17/2014 at 11:06 pm

    I hope those genious have more energy and more time and got bored, so they can pay attention to ios 7.1, i want to try ios7.1, but didnt want to lose my jailbroken iphones.
    Better yet, ill just have to wait. Maybe in the near future they will exploit it before ios8 comes out. Its goin to be a long wait before they exploit ios8. And its goin to be a long wait for that. Could be again another 6months.

    At least many users will enjoy 7.1, till a jailbreak release for ios8…

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