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iOS 7.1 Jailbreak: Stay Away from the Latest Update



Apple has released iOS 7.1 officially, and it’s available to everyone right now. However, if it already isn’t impaled into your skull, you should stay away from this update if you’re jailbroken. iOS 7.1 does indeed patch up the exploit used by the Evasi0n dev team to jailbreak iOS 7, so an iOS 7.1 jailbreak isn’t in the cards as of now.

Twitter is buzzing with jailbreakers warning other jailbreakers not to update to iOS 7.1, since it will kill your jailbreak.

It’s been said for several months that iOS 7.1 would be the update where Apple would officially patch up the jailbreak exploit. The evidence stacked up after every beta release, with Apple slowly implementing more and more small security fixes that would eventually result in a full-blown block on the Evasi0n7 exploit.

iOS 7.1 jailbreak

We’re not exactly sure how Apple patched up the exploit, as we’re guessing it’s fairly complicated that only experienced coders and programmers will understand, so we’ll spare you the details. The important thing is that the exploit is patched and jailbreakers should not update to iOS 7.1 if they want to keep their jailbreak intact.

iOS 7.1 comes with some minor user interface improvements to enhance the look of iOS 7 in general, and the update also comes with a handful of bug fixes and performance improvements. Most notably, the update claims to fix the many rebooting issues that users have been experiencing, as well as apps constantly crashing. If you’re a user who’s been experiencing these issues, iOS 7.1 most likely fixes them.

Otherwise, you’re not missing out on much with iOS 7.1. If you’re not having any performance problems, then the only benefit you’ll get with iOS 7.1 is the many UI changes, which most users could take or leave without a problem, as they’re not vital to the overall experience of iOS 7. So if you’re jailbroken, you can at least be comfortable knowing that you aren’t missing much if you’re not having rebooting or crashing issues.

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