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iOS 7 Apps Incoming Ahead of Official Launch



iOS 7 is just a couple hours away from launching, where it’s expected to arrive around 1 PM Eastern time. However, app developers are already working hard pushing out updates to their apps before the new iOS version officially arrives. As we mentioned yesterday, apps that don’t fully support iOS 7 yet still use the old iOS keyboard, which doesn’t create too much friction, but it can be annoying switching between the old and new keyboard constantly.

With that said, app developers are working on getting their apps iOS 7 ready, and many of them are already ready for primetime and have shown up in the iTunes App Store ahead of the official launch of iOS 7 later today. Here are just a few that we’ve seen already.

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Many of apps like Foursquare, Vine, Yahoo Weather (as well as the regular Yahoo! app) and Chase Bank received flatter app icons in order to blend in better with iOS 7’s flatter minimalistic theme, although some of the apps keep their original user interfaces intact. However, Foursquare and RunKeeper received fresh coats of paint with a new UI that features a flatter look.

Other apps simply received support for iOS 7 without changing anything (or hardly anything) as far as the UI and app icon are concerned. remains practically identical to past versions, as does Flipboard and eBay, although eBay already had a relatively flat design before.

2013-09-18 10.32.23WordPress and Pandora also received full iOS 7 support, both of which now sport flatter and cleaner user interfaces to blend in with iOS 7. Pandora’s app icon also got a major facelift, while WordPress’s icon remains relatively the same. Camera+ keeps the same icon as well, but the interface looks a lot like iOS 7 now, but thankfully the app didn’t adopt many of the changes that you see in Apple’s default camera app.

Popular third-party Wikipedia app Wikipanion, and document scanning app Scanner Pro both received updates to iOS 7, adding full support for the new OS, as well as flatter looks to complement the new design of the platform. Shazam and HootSuite also received new looks, while WatchESPN and Mint were simply updated with bug fixes and optimizations to work better with the new OS.

We guarantee more and more apps will be updated later today, as well as within the next couple of days. We’ll keep an eye for more app updates up until iOS 7’s official launch later today and post them here if we find any. Feel free to let us know as well in the comments below!

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