iOS 7 Auto-Downloading to iOS 6 Devices Without Permission

We’re over a week into iOS 7’s public availability, but there are still a lot of iPhone and iPad users who are sticking with iOS 6 for the time being. However, many of these users have reported that their iDevices have automatically downloaded the iOS 7 update to their device without their permission, taking up space that can’t be freed up.

Specifically, users who still have iOS 6 installed are reporting that over-the-air (OTA) updates for iOS 7 are downloading themselves onto iOS devices when connected to AC power, taking up around 3GB of space. The updates doesn’t automatically install itself, as that would absolutely need user interaction and authentication, but the update doesn’t show up as being downloaded.

Since it only downloads and doesn’t install itself, it’s not a huge deal, but it’s definitely problematic for those with limited space on their device, especially those who have 16GB or even 8GB iOS devices. 3GB of space takes up a lot of storage on a low-capacity device, and the news has been quite the hot topic over on Reddit’s Jailbreak subreddit, where users just finding out about the auto-downloading are concerned that they’ll lose their jailbreak.

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The strange part is, users aren’t able to delete the download if they want. Once it’s on the device, it can’t be removed, until the user updates to iOS 7.¬†While all of this is certainly surprising, the same actually happened last year with users reporting similar behavior with the iOS 6 OTA update occurring for those still on iOS 5.

Earlier this week, Apple claimed that over 200 million iOS devices were running iOS 7, making it the fastest software upgrade in history. Just recently, it was estimated that almost 60% of iOS users were now running iOS 7, with around 36% still on iOS 6 and the remaining 4% running older versions of iOS.

iOS 7 comes with a heap of improvements over iOS 6, including an all-new look and design that marks the first time that Apple redesigned iOS since its initial launch back in 2007. New features include Control Center, a new Notification Center, a redesigned multitasking tray, and an improved Siri. If you haven’t updated to iOS 7, we highly recommend it, and you can follow our upgrade guide that will guide you through the steps.