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iOS 7 Beta 2 Hints at Hidden iOS 7 Features



Apple is expected to add features to the final version of iOS 7, features that are hidden from view in the various betas that arrive before the iOS 7 release date. With the release of iOS 7 beta 2, we might finally have our first sign of that as new found discovered APIs point to the possible inclusion of new features in its newly designed camera app.

Earlier this month, Apple announced iOS 7 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. On the same day, the company released the first beta, iOS 7 beta 1 for the iPhone and iPod touch. That beta introduced several new features that the company did not talk about at its keynote at WWDC. However, none of those were meant to be hidden from view.

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Typically, Apple withholds certain features from its pre-release iOS betas in order to keep some of them a secret before the Gold Master arrives not only for owners of its older devices but for those looking to pick up its yearly iPhone refresh. In the past, we’ve seen Apple hold back features like Panorama which came with the camera app in iOS 6.

It appears that the company could have some hidden features up its sleeve for iOS 7 as well as APIs discovered within the software by 9to5Mac hint at possible additions to the new camera app that Apple showed off just a few short weeks ago.

In iOS 7 beta 2, Apple added APIs that allow developers that allow applications to detect specific facial expressions like blinking eyes and smiles. This is reminiscent of some of the features of Android camera applications. While this doesn’t confirm that Apple is hiding any iOS 7 features from view, based on its past, it’s a sign that something could be in the works.

The iOS 7 beta 2 has hinted at possible hidden iOS 7 features.

The iOS 7 beta 2 has hinted at possible hidden iOS 7 features.

With HTC and Samsung debuting powerful camera applications within the software on their HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple could put its camera application equal footing with some new features. Apple did not announce these intelligent camera features at WWDC.

Apple also did not reveal Siri with the iOS 5 beta, instead keeping it as a surprise for the final iOS 5 announcement alongside the iPhone 4S later in the year. The iPhone 5S is heavily rumored to be utilizing the iPhone 5 design which could mean that it will be coming with unique software as well.

Rumors suggest that it will have an improved camera sensor with dual-LED flash to go along with a fingerprint scanner. The new camera hardware in particular would pair up nicely with Apple’s improved camera application, hidden features or not.

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