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iMZDL Teases Relaunch for iOS 7 Beta This Summer



The most well-known source for iOS beta access is teasing a relaunch for an iOS 7 beta this summer.

iMZDL closed its doors in early November 2012, possibly due to Apple cracking down on sites which provide downloads of the company’s beta software and on services that sell access to the iOS beta software.

In postings to Twitter, Google+ and Facebook this week iMZDL teases a return this summer to offer access to the iOS 7 beta.

iOS 7 is the next major version of iOS, but it is unlikely that iMZDL knows something we don’t about a potential iOS 7 release date and or iOS 7 beta.

For the last two years Apple offered iOS beta access to developers starting at WWDC in June, and unless the company announces an iOS 7 beta program in the next month or so, it is likely to do the same at WWDC 2013.

With around 800 votes, the poll is decidedly in favor of iMZDL returning for an iOS 7 beta this summer.

iPhone and iPad users are excited about a possible iOS 7 beta.

iPhone and iPad users are excited about a possible iOS 7 beta.

Anyone can get into an iOS 7 beta by joining the Apple Developer program, but the $99 fee is too high for many casual users. In the past, services like iMZDL allowed users to register their iPhone’s unique identifier for a lower price, typically around $7.

Once registered with iMZDL, the iPhone can install Apple’s beta software, offering access to new iOS features months ahead of the official release.

If iMZDL is able to make a return, iPhone and iPad users can expect affordable and swift access to an iOS 7 beta. This is a big if, as Apple is reportedly trying to crack down on users who get into these services and use the beta on a full-time phone, which can cause issues with some apps and services. This is why it is called a beta, and why Apple plans months of testing.

We are still waiting for official iOS 7 beta details and iOS 7 features, but this hasn’t stopped creative users from coming up with iOS 7 concepts that show off what Apple could do with iOS 7, like the sample shown below.

The iOS 7 beta could arrive this Spring if Apple plans an iPhone 5S release for early summer. If Apple is planning an iPhone 5S release for this fall, the iOS 7 beta release could arrive in June or July.



  1. Sebastian Umbrella

    04/21/2013 at 6:03 am

    Hmmm. Imzdl is’t one in world. I dl from gdeluxe. :)

  2. Maxwell

    06/20/2013 at 8:59 pm

    Isn’t this like highly illegal though? -.- I’m all for the new OSes but why would you risk getting in federal trouble for a virtual thing? I’m just going to purchase a DEV Liscense.

  3. Frank Knight

    07/03/2013 at 11:54 am

    4Gs download completely locked the phone, had to find a site to help restore the phone. Just wait for the actual program to come out.

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