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iOS 7 Camera App: Hands On With Your New iPhone Camera (Video)



iOS 7 is a new version of the software that powers millions of iPhones and this fall it will bring a new camera app to the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

The iOS 7 camera app matches the new overhaul of the iOS 7 design, and it offers faster access to common features and some new camera features that should make taking photos easier and a bit more fun.

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Apple adds live filters to the iPhone camera, making it possible to add that Instagram style filter to a photo as you take it, and to see what the filter looks like on the subject before snapping a picture. Apple also adds a square photo option to the mix so users can take a photo that’s ready to share in an Instagram style right from the lock screen.

iOS 7 Camera App Video Hands On

The video below covers the new look of the iOS 7 camera app and the new features users will run into as they try the iOS 7 beta or when the iOS 7 release date rolls around this fall to bring a new iPhone camera experience to users.

The good news is that Apple added a few features to the iPhone camera app. The bad news is that the features are mainly for the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 do not support the live previews of filters. Users on these phones should be able to add the filters in with the Photos app after taking the photo.

The iOS 7 camera app is new, with a few new tricks and a new look.

The iOS 7 camera app is new, with a few new tricks and a new look.

All iPhone users who get iOS 7 will get to use the new design which makes it easier to access features and switch between camera modes. A swipe left or right will switch between video, photo, square and panorama modes. The HDR mode toggle is also no available with a tap next to the shutter button.

ios 7 featuresiPhone 5 owners can tap on the live filters button in the lower right corner to use a collection of Instagram-like filters that will show up on the photo when in preview mode.

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There’s a chance the rumored iPhone 5S will feature a new camera feature we haven’t seen yet. One rumor claimed iOS 7 would let users take a photo with the front-facing and rear-facing cameras at the same time, like the Samsung Galaxy S4 Dual Shot. This is not in the iOS 7 beta, but if Apple is planning to add the feature it wouldn’t be a shock to see it arrive on the iPhone 5S exclusively.

Apple offers the iOS 7 beta to developers, but third-party websites let users pay $8 to install the beta on their device to try the new iOS 7 features before the fall iOS 7 release date arrives. This is a beta, which means things may not always work, so it’s not recommended for all users.

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