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iOS 7 Design Details Allegedly Leak



In just a little over two weeks Apple will take the stage to show off the future of iOS, which undoubtedly includes Jony Ive’s re-designed iOS 7.

The new iOS 7 software has been in the news for months now as the man known for Apple’s iconic hardware is reportedly changing the look of the iPhone and iPad software to better fit his tastes.

Early iOS 7 leaks pointed at a flatter look with less gloss and a major overhaul of the interface and core apps that cuts out the leather and felt.

ios 7 logoToday we can share more details on iOS 7 thanks to a 9to5Mac sources who are reportedly familiar with the new looks of iOS 7.

9to5Mac has a very good track record when it comes to iOS and iPhone rumors, so much of what we are sharing below could appear on stage on June 10th when Apple is likely to announce iOS 7.

That said, the software design is reportedly in flux, so descriptions of iOS 7 features and designs could still change as the teams prepare an iOS 7 beta for release soon after the WWDC 2013 keynote.

Black and White Beats Leather and Felt

As with any remodeling project, look for Ive to push out familiar textures and finishes in exchange for something newer and more modern. According to 9t05Mac’s sources iOS 7 will push out leather, felt and linen in the system and in core apps in favor of black and white elements. Sources reportedly call the new version of iOS,

“black, white, and flat all over.”

In addition to a system overhaul, the system apps will likely share a similar look. Ive is reportedly concerned that a user could be confused by the varying looks for each of Apple’s core apps.

The home screen will reportedly be more flat, with less gloss and shine and we could see new logos for core Apple apps that match the new iOS 7 design.

Many of the stock apps are said to lose their real-world looks. Notes will reportedly feature a white background instead of the yellow legal paper look, and other apps may switch to white backgrounds as well. The video below is an iOS 7 concept that shows SimplyZesty’s take on what iOS 7 could look like.

Even though Ive is approaching IOS 7 with limited time he is reportedly putting his mark on every part of the OS. The report indicates that the iPhone is a top priority for the team. We may see an iPad version of iOS 7 arrive with more refinements later in the beta cycle or possibly as a iOS 7.1 release.

While Apple combined releases in the past years, the earlier versions of iOS brought different features to the iPad at a later date.

A New iPhone Lock Screen

The iPhone lock screen will reportedly be the first place users see the new look of iOS 7. While the slide to unlock gesture will surely remain, the glossy bar may face retirement as Ive pushes in a “shine-free, black interface.” We may also see a redesigned PIN entry screen with circles instead of squares.

The iPix HD theme and the ayecon themes for the iPhone 5 combine below to show one possible look for this new setup, though Apple’s implementation will likely look more cohesive and we could see circles extend tot he numbers.

This shows one example of how the iOS 7 lock screen could look different.

This shows one example of how the iOS 7 lock screen could look different.

According to the report we may also see more interaction with notifications on the lock screen including the ability to use gestures to interact with notifications. It’s not spelled out completely, but we assume this would include dismissing notifications with a swipe, similar to the example shown in the video below.

Notification Center Widgets and Toggles

The iOS Notification Center will reportedly feature toggles and widgets with access to information and the dark linen background in the Notification Center is reportedly out like last night’s trash. Instead users may see a solid dark color.

The biggest new feature for the Notification Center appears to be widgets that put a newsfeed and or toggles for common settings in the Notification Center. The IntelliscreenX video above shows one way Apple could offer a news feed in the Notification Center.

iOS 7 Release

Though we expect Apple will show off iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 on June 10th and offer an iOS 7 beta soon after, the actual iOS 7 release date isn’t expected until Fall. Apple typically launches iOS versions with new hardware and we expect the iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 will come this Fall. Analysts peg the iPhone 5S launch for September. A new report claims the iPad 5 will arrive at a separate event.



  1. JonW

    05/24/2013 at 7:57 am

    Am I missing something? Most of that appears to be a cosmetic update. And the rest is just a catch up on the competition! Why all the hype?

    • No One

      05/24/2013 at 8:46 am

      You are not missing anything. This article is to get hits from Google News. Note how iOS 7 is mentioned 20+ times, and it’s in the title. Just a way to get ranked higher. And iOS 7 is trending high right now, so the more you use the keyword the better.

      Nothing to see here, just an article to get hits. Head over to a real site that actually generates revenue to get your news.

  2. larry

    05/24/2013 at 7:01 pm

    be nice to see a different look after 6 years and a new UI look and more, great post there josh smith, lets hope this could be true

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